This system allows you to order the item directly without any boundary (You need an account to proceed the followings , you MUST subscribed the plans : )

1. Select the item and press " Add to Cart"

2. Input the correct shipping address : ** You must put the NAME , PHONE and ADDRESS & ZIP CODE 
(The shipping address is the shipping location, DO NOT put your own address , the parcel will deliver to your address and your customer will not receive anything)

3. The shipping cost is calculated and charged after we have weigh the parcel :
If you are using K-Packet , please kindly note that the shipping weight should not over 2kg, if the parcel is over 2kg, we will recommend you to choose EMS / Partial shipment (2 K-packets)

If you would like to check the shipping rate : (International Mail -> International Mail Postage -> K-Packet / EMS)
* K-packet is not available for some of the counties, please check carefully on the Korea Post website 

4. Press "Place Order" to submit your order to our Admin ** Please double check the shipping details are correct 

5. After our Website Admin review your order, we will issue an Payapl Payment request for you regarding the Product Cost (Stated in your order) & Shipping Cost (Calculated) 

6. Please settle the Payment immediately in order to proceed the followings. (For Enterprise User, we will have customized arrangement)

7. We will collect and pack your order after your payment 

8. The shipping tracking will be sent by EMAIL 

Generally Processing time , 2-4 working days.
However, we will not be responsible for any delays on the order processing time, due to uncontrollable issues and conditions