Dropshipping Step 1A visitor arrives at your online store ( and makes a purchase.

Dropshipping Step 2You receive the order and forward that order on to us

Dropshipping Step 3We send it to your customer on your behalf.

What Is Drop Shipping

1. Subscript your plan :

 Here to Subscript 

**The account is approved manually, we will approve the account within 1 day**

Our team will send you email after the account approval is done and please fill in your personal / company information and at this moment, you can feel free to order through our system in 24 / 7 


2. Order processing :

We guarantee 1 working days to review your order and we will comment and remark your orders through our system ,you will receive an auto email about all of our updates.

A) Login and order --> B) Order submitted --> C) Order confirmed & send you payment request** --> D) Payment Received --> E) Send our the shipment in the promised delivery time --> F) Tracking and shipment update --> G) Order completed 

3. Logistics :

The default shipping method is Korea Post (K-Packet), for more about shipping please visit : Logistics solution